Stories and Casual Thoughts

Fire and ice

When I ask you what you want, our faces inches from each other on a shared pillow, heat radiating from your body to mine, your reply is something out of my control. You want me to purge my memory, to scrub… Read More ›

I am from

a place where death by humidity Is a very real possibility The streets are clean And graffiti is stowed neatly away Its people are a riot of colors They speak a multitude of tongues The tv aired Beijing operas and… Read More ›

the emptying nest

To my father, who lived for us, for God, and for all the things beautiful in this world  It is not easy to see you grow old. It reminds me of death, and heaven – for I do still believe… Read More ›

Red Star

Written in 2012 My mother’s death was not what I thought it would be. I had always envisioned her demise to be grand and heroic, and if not so, it would at least be spooky. Perhaps a dramatic fall down… Read More ›

Infanticide for God

Written in 2012 Foreword: This story is based on a religious premise held by many Christians. For more on the theological debate, click here. — Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me. – Psalm 51:5… Read More ›

Them rose tinted glasses

Written in 2013 On this night, hands firmly grasping the curves of beer bottles, we choose our companions freely – White Russians, Shirley Temples, Bloody Marys. We talk about Autumn Reeser and the women we would like to fuck, hard,… Read More ›


Written in 2012 “Prostrate yourself in the dust, O daughter of Babylon! Your shame shall be seen and your disgrace made to all! You shall weep with anguish and your teeth shall break in your mouth! The Lord abhors the… Read More ›