Month: November 2014

The particle-wave duality of light

Scientists accept the duality of light without question today. In the early 20th century, however, Newton’s view of light as a particle had been overturned and scientists believed in the classical wave theory.[1] Hence, Einstein’s light quantum theory was revolutionary… Read More ›

The Homeric hero

And there Odysseus lay… plotting within himself the suitors’ death – awake, alert, as the women slipped from the house, the maids who whored in the suitors’ beds each night, tittering, linking arms and frisking as before. The master’s anger… Read More ›


Originally published in the Yale-NUS International Relations and Political Association newsletter, Affairs.  When “Occupy Central” protestors first flooded the streets of Hong Kong, the world cheered them on through Twitter and Facebook. The flurry of SolidaritywithHongKong hash tags on social… Read More ›